Monday, November 02, 2009

Powerful Political Pictures

It's amazing what kinds of pictures you can find on the Internet. These either moved me, infuriated me, or both.

America the Beautiful

Yes, I can see why they call it the "land of opportunity."


Finally, an honest conservative.

A Diamond is Forever

Frankly, I see this image in my head whenever I see a diamond.

The times have changed
So powerful. God I wish Martin Luther King, Jr. was here now. He would be so disappointed.

Keep your laws off my body

omg srsly? You know, you could recycle that sign for a pro-choice rally. You know, if you want to not look like a hypocrite.

Child abuse

This is what happens when unwanted children are born. We seriously need to get our priorities straight.
In New Zealand, a referendum to change a law protecting children from corporal punishment just won over 80% of the vote.

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